A Smovey Világa


Get the most out of your life!

Are you recovering from an injury? Is getting older getting you down? Are you feeling imprisoned by your home or by pain? Are you frustrated with being unable to perform the simplest daily tasks? Do you feel you have run out of options and are missing out on being active and independent?

When it comes to aging you shouldn’t have to endure joint pain and weak muscles. When it comes to recovering from injury you shouldn’t feel that physiotherapy is the only option.

Don’t throw away the incredible opportunity to get the most out of your life!

SwingFit4All classes could quickly improve your mobility and improve your muscle weakness and bone density. This will allow you to enjoy visiting family, travelling, getting out and socializing once again. Whether you are sixty or over eighty years of age. It’s that effective!

SwingFit4All is a physical activity program using an Austrian exercise tool called Smovey. Whether the program is a bespoke routine or in exercise to music classes the unique design of the Smovey rings delivers surprising benefits.

Smovey Rings


"Smovey Rings" are a general fitness and wellness tool that combine exercise and vibration. These handheld "rings" were invented by Johann Salzwimmer, an Austrian Tennis player with Parkinson’s Disease, to help him reduce his symptoms.

They consist of 4 steel balls running within a corrugated plastic tube. As the rings are swung, the balls move within the tube generating vibrations that travel up the arms to stimulate blood flow, nerves and muscles. A great deal of attention was given to the frequency of the vibration, the hand grip material and the weight of the rings so that they are comfortable use by people of any age.

Simply rocking the rings back and forth, in contact with the body, the vibrations are incredibly soothing and help massaging out aches and pains as well as helping to relieve headaches.


SwingFit4All classes accommodate all age groups and are delivered in the community locally as well as in local hospitals, nursing and residential homes.

Tailored exercise classes are delivered as aerobics classes, or to walking groups, or as chair- (or even bed-) based routines for older adults and disabled people.

Within the care home environment residents and staff can all get involved to get fitter and everyone is encouraged to participate two or three times a day as certain exercises target the joints. Carers and visitors are encouraged to get involved when they visit too so they can feel the benefits everyone else is experiencing.

Are you looking for an exercise class but the ‘usual; activity class are not suitable? Then why not try a SwingFit4All class? Please read our section on Classes.